A thought for the weekend

The Mask

Isn’t it a tedious task

Hiding behind a false mask

Disguising every intention

Suppressing genuine impression

Why can’t we just be natural

Abandon thoughts that are lateral

Speak our hearts when we feel

Good or bad, at least they’re real

It’s the adapted cruelty ply

We learned as the years passed by

Ever really wonder why?

A child in pain never hides his cry?

Look within for the child you carry

Within your heart you always tarry

Nourish it with love and purity

It’s the only way to sanity

Imagine a world with no deception

Faces with innocent complexion

Knowing what’s on other’s minds

By looking in their mirrored eyes

Wouldn’t be a better place

For us humans to embrace

Who would care for heaven then

When we all carry it right within

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ga6wA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 12:46:00

    Dear Rabab,

    Loved your poem


  2. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 13:46:00

    Thanx Ga6wa I’m really flattered


  3. rizzo
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 16:07:00

    yo I am back with the comments. As Ga6wa said I love your poem. But hiding behind our masks sometimes is needed. I don’t usually hide I get into trouble doing so. I can’t be a baby any more. We live in a world full of beasts’ survival of the fittest. You can’t show your weakness that does mean you shouldn’t be weak. You have to hide and show your matsho face. Thanks for your great poems love them….


  4. AyyA
    Sep 27, 2004 @ 14:08:00

    Dear Rizzo:
    Thanx dude, I realy appreciate it.
    Just wanted to clear something here that being peaceful, in my perspective, is not being week, on the contrary, it’s much harder to fight violence with peace. It takes few hours to destroy a nation that was built in years.
    What I’m looking for in this poem is HOPE. I’m hoping for a perfect society which is driven and controlled by love. This basic trait of human kind that we tend to forget about in this chaotic world. And the child here represents love, purity, and innocence. The more we go back to the basics, the closer we are to peace around the world.
    You might say that nothing is perfect, yes, that may be so, and as I said… it’s just a mere HOPE.


  5. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 16, 2004 @ 02:35:00

    Great poem, Rabab (or do you prefer Ruby?). It sounds like you’ve been on the path to understanding Truth for some time. I hope, through reading your poetry, that others will benefit from your experience and wisdom.


  6. AyyA
    Oct 16, 2004 @ 19:20:00

    Thanx for taking the time to read this poem, I knew that you would like it. Just be happy that people like you and I are like candles, burning slowly to light the path for others, yet we do not melt like candles, we stand strong and happy. That happiness my dear friend that comes from giving, not taking. But unfortunately not many people know this fact. and as you said evil only kills it’s beholder.
    And ’bout the name; I don’t mind being called by any name, Ruby was a nick name giving to me by my American friends in Knoxville Tennessee where I went to college “UT”. This was mainly because they could not pronounce my name. Take care


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