A thought for the weekend

The Mask

Isn’t it a tedious task

Hiding behind a false mask

Disguising every intention

Suppressing genuine impression

Why can’t we just be natural

Abandon thoughts that are lateral

Speak our hearts when we feel

Good or bad, at least they’re real

It’s the adapted cruelty ply

We learned as the years passed by

Ever really wonder why?

A child in pain never hides his cry?

Look within for the child you carry

Within your heart you always tarry

Nourish it with love and purity

It’s the only way to sanity

Imagine a world with no deception

Faces with innocent complexion

Knowing what’s on other’s minds

By looking in their mirrored eyes

Wouldn’t be a better place

For us humans to embrace

Who would care for heaven then

When we all carry it right within

A Yoga Meditation


Dedicated to my sister Wajeeha Habeeb who had shown me “The Path”

In the death of night I rise

To wash away ugly vice

I enliven candle lights

And meditate into different heights

With sweet lavender oils I shoot

and start the “om shanti” salute

Like magic I start to float,

Soul out of my body I loot

I feel this wave of butterflies

In my limbs and behind my eyes

For a new dimension I demand

To open up at my command

Through my soul and through my mind

I seek calmness in a world unkind

I seek love, I seek purity

I seek the touch of immortality

I begin to see this tiny light

Emitting rays so soft and bright

Embracing me in delight

Resigning me to it’s might

Ecstasy is felt with such a sight

How could this be a dead night!

Tears of joy would start to pour

From my eyes and each pore

I realize I’m almost there

Surrounded with love and care

A constant love that is divine

In a place I know is mine

A bliss that could not be found

Except on regions beyond sound

Hush now hush, peaceful soul,

You’re in the attendance of “The Whole”