Last week; I was sitting with a friend talking and giggling, and out of no where I had this flash back of an incident that happened in the past with a close friend at a certain place. Then I heard the beep of my SMS and somehow I was sure that it was him. When I checked my phone I could not believe it, not because the SMS was from him, it was what he wrote in the SMS that astounded me.

The message went like this:

Guess what? I’m sitting in this place where —- happened.

Can u believe that? And, why this specific place?

Did you have a similar experience? And how do you think this is possible?


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  1. Ga6wA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 12:49:00

    That always happens to me


  2. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 13:49:00

    Do you have an explanation for it though?


  3. Ga6wA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 13:56:00

    I don’t have an explanation. will research it and let you know


  4. AyyA
    Sep 25, 2004 @ 23:02:00



  5. Tata Botata
    Oct 02, 2004 @ 06:15:00

    I have an explanation, That close friend of yours SMSed “Him” while you were talking and that “him” SMSed you.


  6. kEma
    Nov 16, 2004 @ 21:00:00

    Hi, dear Rabab. I bumped into your blog by chance, and i really had something to share. Here it comes…

    Here is my explanation to what happened to you. In my view telephaty is simply nothing more than transfusion of energy. As a human being you have a certain circle of beloved once (no matter people, animals, plants or objects). In this circle energy is constantly being exchanged. As what happened happened to that friend of yours, the energy produced by the action itself was also trasfused in that circle of yours, thus you felt it and could immediately react, which lead to remembering that past similar scene, in which something alike happened to that friden of yours (which actually is a way for your subconcious to explain yourself what you just had felt). So the energy of the repeating event reached you easily, because it was familiar to you.

    I have daily experiences like that of yours. There is nothing to be afraid of or bewildered, just accept it as a form of strong connection between you and your friend,and also as a warning, that your friend had to do something he/she couldnt manaeg with previoulsy. I think that the message to you is to try help your friend decipher the message of the event, so that it never repeat again.

    Take care and haev a peaceful, smiley day.


  7. AyyA
    Nov 23, 2004 @ 14:23:00

    Thanx for the invaluable information, and I am aware of the energy that I poses as a being with the universal energy, but to be able to communicate through this energy is new to me. Ok I knew this person was in that place and it’s a big place, but why would he sit on the same spot that we sat long time back and sms me? We sat on other places at that time as well so why this spot in particular? And mind you I was not even thinking about him, I was too busy worrying about my other friend’s 10 year old brother whom we both were waiting for and he did not show up. The flash back was so clear; it was like watching a clip. By the time I was brushing the thought away my phone beeped.


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