Although I’m not considered as a fat person, I’ve always been obsessed by my weight. I’m sure some of you have gone through a similar “agonizing experience” with different ways and techniques to bring down your weight to what you conceder as your ideal weight

Well…. here is my experience

Surely I feel bad today
With those two kilos I gained
Wish they’d dissipate in thin air
Quickly vanish and fade
I tried every possible “Diet”
Alas no results were obtained
Eggs, bananas, cabbage diets
And chocolates I forbade

Talking about eggs diet
Where nothing else went to stomach
For four days was the gimmick
Not too bad to myself I thought
But the skin rash I developed
From eggs had spread so quick
That all doctors and medical students
Consulted and had a nervous tic
They couldn’t decide what made me look
A map of the Atlantic

Let alone the banana diet
Thought this one would surely work
Attempting sympathy with apes
I abandon my knife and fork
Devouring six bananas per day
For five days was not a bad trick
And the kilos went voom in a tick
But to my horror I discovered
Nothing else could be digested
When my horrid diet broke

The next in list was the cabbage I loathed
Which I had to gulp up in a soup
But couldn’t take the dreadful stuff
And decided to give up and stoop
To the extra weight that fought so tough

I’m still searching for a diet
That won’t spin me in a loop
But with all quick fixes diets
I’m confused, I can not cope
This nerdy comes up with a hunch
That Protein is guaranteed
For building muscles indeed
That’s what you surely need
Yet another dismayed this fact
How about energy he sneered
Starch is what you should be getting
With exercises to breed

Why does it have to be like this
With yummy food I gain some weight
Is this some sort of punishment
Or is it just my cursing fate!

Wallah it’s a blessing here in Kuwait

People here have nothing to do but complain… weather, work, Social life, family…

And they always say WHAT IF

– WHAT IF I was born in another place?

– WHAT IF I had an American Passport?

– WHAT IF I had a decent job that I’d be appreciated for what I’m doing or at least I’d get some real experience?

– WHAT IF …. WHAT IF …. WHAT IF …. And the list goes on and on and on..

Hey guys … hey fellow citizens…….

“The grass is always GREENER on the other side of the fence”

Be honest.. Think about it

Where in the hell would you find a place where you are paid for practically doing nothing?

Where in the hell would you spend the night partying for also practically paying nothing?

Where in the hell you’d find food, clothing, and other life accessories so cheep?

Where in the hell would you be considered “a middle class” and still have maids to clean your house, cook your food, and take your kids to school while you sit lazily on your butt and enjoy the luxuries of life?

Where in the hell would your car stop in the middle of the road and a pool of other cars stopping to give you a helping hand?

Where in the hell would you find your friends and relatives running around to help you out of a problem?

Don’t complain about the weather. The weather is beautiful even in summer..

In summer time you have Kubbar, chalets, If not, then you know you can afford to travel anywhere around and skip the so called hot weather in the country (which I personally see as damn freezing cold with the AC running non stop)

Stop kidding yourself

Do you wana work 9-5 and come home exhausted, and think of all the joys you could have downtown and can’t afford it physically as well as financially?

Ok I don’t wana elaborate, I’ll leave that to you.. hope you got the point

Just be thankful you live in Kuwait…